Chemistry Valentines for Kids

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Combine art, humor, and science with these fun Chemistry Valentines for kids. 

These printable cards feature custom watercolor artwork, chemistry-related jokes, and even chemistry facts! 

All sets feature:

  • Unique watercolor illustrations
  • Fun puns/sayings
  • Generally gender-neutral designs, with some being more feminine and some more masculine
  • "To" and "from" blanks
  • Chemistry facts on the back (often having to do with the front design)
  • Cards fold in half (items can be placed inside or they can be left empty)

Full Set Includes:

  • 48 unique cards
  • 44 chemistry facts plus 4 with blank backs
  • Pictured above

Older Set Includes:

Younger Set Includes:

The chemistry facts are suitable for various ages. Some are specially-written for younger ages, while all of the facts are great for older ages and their peers. These are recommended for children aged mid-grade school to middle school, though they may work well for younger children with a big love for chemistry or older children (and adults) who still enjoy handing out Valentines ().

I recommend printing these on a slightly heavier paper (often called "premium" paper at printers...or bright white 70 lb paper works great). Do not print back-to-back. Card stock works well too, but will be harder to fill should you choose to include items inside (and you will also need to "score" the paper before folding so the fold is neat).

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Chemistry Valentines for Kids

7 ratings
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